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Jul 15, 2019 23:59 experience friend
I went to a museum with some friends.
Just before we entered it, one of my friends said to me that my skirt was nice.

I said thank you.

We enjoyed the exhibition, and then moved to a restaurant, where we were supposed to have lunch together.

While walking there, the same person pointed to my necklace and said it looked so good on me.

It wasn’t anything special or expensive, but I said thank you again.

After lunch, she said that my bags were fancy and asked if they were a pair.

This time, I was a little embarrassed.

It was true that I was holding two black bags, small one on my shoulder and a big one on my hand.

However, both were old and not coordinated at all.

The small one was even getting worn.

She is very friendly and talkative.

Compliments usually make people happy, but how about too much of them?

I felt good with the first compliment and maybe the second one.

However, the third one made me feel like all her compliments had been empty.