Who was wrong? (誰が悪かったの?)

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Oct 7, 2019 00:01 twitter
I’ve been thinking about a tweet that I saw on my Twitter timeline last week.

It was from a Japanese woman, who described her experience at a restaurant in Japan.

She was with her American boyfriend at that time.

My boyfriend said to the server, “I’ll have this one” in English.

The server looked at ME and asked, “Are you ready to order?” in Japanese.

I said to the server, “Excuse me, HE is talking to you in English,” in Japanese.

The server kept looking only to me and said, “I’m not good at English. Are you ready to order?”

“I don’t understand,” I said to the server in ENGLISH.
(私は英語で「I don’t understand.」と言ってやりました)

According to the tweet, she was upset about the server for ignoring her boyfriend who had been talking to him.

The first question I have is why she didn’t order for him in the first place if he didn’t speak Japanese.

When I go to a restaurant with my American friend in Japan, I always ask them what they want and order for them.

On the other hand, when we are in the US, my American friend always order for me.

Isn’t that natural?

Well, I kind of agree with her that the server’s behavior was not nice, though.

Her boyfriend may have felt insulted when the server treated him like an invisible man.

The server should have responded at least in Japanese first, and then he could have asked her to translate.

However, I think the woman was way too malicious.

It seems like she looked down on the server who couldn’t speak English.

I believe that after this conversation, all of them got in a bad mood.

I don’t think they were able to enjoy dinner there, even if the food was great.