Reading in the Bathroom (トイレで読書)

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Apr 15, 2019 18:14 experience friend
The other day, one of my friends complained about her husband’s habit.

“He always brings a book or a magazine when he’s going to the bathroom.

He wants to read it while sitting on the toilet.”

“Is that so?”

“Even though I keep asking him not to do so, he doesn’t seem to listen to me.

After knowing I’m not happy about that habit, he tries to hold a book under his shirt so that I can’t catch him.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

She looked a little surprised and hesitated in speaking.

Then she answered with a weaker tone.

“Because … it seems dirty, and …”

I didn’t say anything at that time.

However, I don’t think her reason is convincing.

She seems to think the toilet is dirty and books will get dirty if you bring them there.

If so, how about your clothes?

I didn’t confess to her, but I also read books sitting on the toilet, and so do my family.

I just learned that there are some people who don’t like it.