The usage of "be said"

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May 20, 2013 09:54 phrase meaning English question
The usage of "be said"

I've been wondering how to use the phrase, "be said."
I'm trying to write some examples.

#1 It is said that he loves me.
#2 He is said to love me.
#3 I was said to be loved by him.

These three have almost the same meaning, right? It sounds everyone around have already known that he loves me, but I guess neither of the examples don't mean he directly said it to me.

How about the following examples?

#4 I was said, "I love you" by him yesterday.
#5 I was said by him that he loved me yesterday.
#6 I was said by him to be his love yesterday.

I hear that #4 is incorrect. I should say:
#7 I was told, "I love you" by him yesterday.
Is it correct?

Maybe you don't use the passive in this situation in English, whereas we usually say "昨日、彼に好きだと言われた" instead of "昨日、彼が私に好きだと言った," in Japanese.

Imagine another situation.
My aunt said, "you really take after your mother," one month ago.
My teacher also said so two weeks ago.
One of my friends also said so yesterday.
Today, I met my mother's old friend and she said, "You really take after your mother."
I would reply:

#8 I am often said so.
#9 I am often told so.
#10 I am often said to the same thing.
#11 I often hear people say so.

I've always wanted to know how to translate "よくそう言われます" into English.
Is there any perfect translation for this?