Are they nicer phrases? (よりかっこいい言い方なの?)

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Sep 2, 2019 22:28 question English
I found a tweet that showed some of her favorite phrases in English on Twitter.

It was from a person who seemed to be an English teacher.

She suggested to put some ordinary phrases in other ways.

As for some of them, I wonder if they really are pleasant to say.

#1 He’s single.
- #2 He’s available.

While #1 describes just the fact, #2 implies that he can be anyone’s boyfriend, in another word, he is like for sale.

He might like to stay single, though.

#3 I have a boyfriend.
- #4 I’m taken.

This one also sounds uncomfortable to me.

I wouldn’t like to say #4.

Even if I have a boyfriend, I don’t think I’m “taken” by him.

I’m not a seat to be taken.

Am I the only one who feels like that?