What does this phrase mean in this situation? (ここでそのフレーズを使うって?)

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Jul 1, 2019 15:00 language English question movie
Yesterday, I watched a movie about a boy who is gifted for chess.

His name is Josh.

There are a lot of scenes of chess games.

In one of them, Josh, who seemed about to lose the match, captures his opponent’s queen, and then exclaims, “Trick or treat!” with a smile.
(その中で、負けそうになっていたジョシュが相手のクイーンを取り、ニヤッとして「Trick or treat!」と言う場面がありました)

The opponent looks upset with Josh’s move.

The tide turns to Josh’s advantage, and he wins the game.

I was surprised to hear the phrase, “Trick or treat” there.
(私は「Trick or treat!」というのを聞いて驚きました)

I thought it was only used at Halloween night.

What does it mean in this situation?

The Japanese subtitle says, “What will you do?”

Is this the appropriate translation?

Is it a set phrase that’s commonly used in chess matches, or even in daily conversation?

For your information, the title of the movie is “Searching for Bobby Fisher,” released in the UK as “Innocent Moves.”
(ちなみに、その映画の題名は「ボビー・フィッシャーを探して」【イギリスでは「Innocent Moves」として公開】です)