Young Father (若い父親)

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Aug 14, 2019 22:21 child
Yesterday, while waiting for the train at my station, I saw two little boys and a young man.

The three were wearing the same T-shirts and shoes.

The boys looked to be about five and three years old, respectively.

At first, of course I thought the man was their father.

However, overhearing their conversation, I was wondering if he really was.

His way of talking to the boys was very gentle and thoughtful.

When one of the boys went too close to the edge of the platform, of course he told the kid to come back to the safer area, but he never had an angry or commanding tone.

He looked to me more of a babysitter than a father.

The kids asked him to take a picture of them against a train, and then posed like heroes ready to fight villains.

They were so cute that I couldn’t help smiling.

The man took a picture with his phone.

One of the boys said to him, “Papa, my shoelace is untied.”

I didn’t miss the word, “Papa.”

I found out he was their father after all.

The three looked very peaceful and happy.

I was a little surprised because I had never seen such a nice father.
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