‘Treading Picture’ Scheme (踏み絵詐欺)

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Jul 8, 2019 23:12 twitter trip
The other day, I saw some tweets about so-called ‘Treading Picture’ scheme in Italy.

There are people who put pictures on the ground and wait for tourists to accidentally step on them.

Then they accuse the tourists of ruining their pictures and threaten them to pay big money.

The first tweet I found was from someone who barely managed to escape from those people by calling a guard nearby.

Then another one replied and explained that it was a common scheme in tourist spots in Italy.

There were some more people who replied to the topic.

The one that captured my eye was from a woman who also experienced that.

She was also claimed to pay for the picture she’d stepped on.

She looked at their pictures and eventually came to want them, so she and her friend ended up buying four pictures.

Is that so?

I suspect that she doesn’t want to admit she was tricked and convinced herself that it was her own decision to buy them.

That way, she can avoid staining her fond memories of the trip.