Why? (なぜ?)

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Oct 5, 2019 23:35 movie
Last week, I watched a movie on DVD.

My favorite actress was starred in it.

It was a romantic comedy and I liked it.

The next day, I happened to watch another movie on my PC.

This one was based on a true story, and not a very happy one.

I always write down the title of the movie I watched, and the names of the main characters with the actors or actresses.

I didn’t know the actress playing the main character, so I checked it from the end credit.

First, I noticed her first name was the same as my favorite actress I watched the day before.

Then I found that the last name was the same, too!

What did this mean?

She was the same person.

I was very surprised because each woman in the two different movies looked completely different.

Was that because she got old?

No way.

The second movie was filmed only one year after the first one.

I googled her to find some articles about her undergoing a plastic surgery.

I was disappointed.

I prefer her original face.

I believe that she has been one of the most popular actresses.

How come she decided to change her face that dramatically?

I can’t understand.