“would” or “will”

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Sep 20, 2019 11:06 question English
When I learned subjunctive mood in English at school, my teacher said that it should be used only to something you thought it would never happen.

In Japanese, we use the same form or tense regardless of its possibility.

So, I’m sometimes not sure which one I should use.

I’m trying to make some examples below.

I would appreciate if you corrected me or suggested alternatives that is more natural.

I will go to his birthday party whatever happens.
I don’t know what he would say if I didn’t make it.

I have a headache and don’t want to go out today.
However, what will he say if I tell him that I can’t make it to his birthday party?

You had better go to his birthday party.
Think how he would feel if you didn’t come.

Are you crazy?
If you invite your ex-girlfriend to your birthday party, I won’t come.

You’re not inviting any of your ex-girlfriends to your birthday party, right?
If you did, I wouldn’t come, okay?