Let's write in English!

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Jul 16, 2012 01:45
I thought it would be a good idea if I wrote something in English, since I haven't practiced it much recently. My English is not so good, I still need to polish it up, especially when it comes to my listening; I find it very hard to understand everything in movies and Tv shows, and I think it is because I still don't have a really wide vocabulary. I think my English grammar is just fine, but I'm starting to worry about my vocabulary, which is stuck. I need to not lose my mind over this because the reason why I don't seem to improve my English is due to not practicing it on a regular basis. I wish my sister spoke English at home since she's the only person I know who speaks English very well, maybe that way I would get the chance to master it someday.

I'm also worried because my career won't let me focus on my language learning. The only time I'm able to practice my German and English is when I'm on vacations, which are every 5 months. So now I'm about to start the eighth semester of Physiotherapy, and all I think of is, will I have a couple of hours everyday to practice my loved two languages? Who knows, I don't think so, but I hope I will be able to do so. Learning languages have become my passion, and it all started off as I fell in love with this beautiful language: English.

German is the one I would describe as something I can use to express myself whenever I'm having a bad mood, which happens to occur very often. Well, I can't say many things in German yet, but I will hopefully improve it week after week since I love it so much. I love how I sound in German and I love to open up my mind when I'm speaking it; I feel so good when I happen to be able to speak a non-native language, even though I still don't hold a fluent level of English, and even when I barely hold an A2 level of German. Languages make me convince myself that I can achieve whatever I want.

Language learning is a long learning curve, and I need to be really patient and put my anxiety aside.