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Dec 8, 2016 14:46 korean hangul vocabulary korea english speech life
When I first joined Lang-8, I received a lot of support. There were a lot of Koreans who were willing to help correct my entries and I was really grateful. I also made a couple of friends. At that time I was self learning Korean so every correction was appreciated.

Then, I stopped writing here for a while because I got busy as I was juggling both work and school at the same time so I wrote lesser. Naturally, there were lesser people who commented on my entries and I had only a few people correcting my journals. Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from correcting other people's journals because I enjoy doing it and helping those who are learning English.

I realised that when it comes to studying languages, it should be an enjoyable process. If you feel fed up or tired, then take a break. If you receive only a few corrections here at Lang-8, that is normal. Don't always expect people to correct your entries if you aren't willing to do the same either. It should work both ways, at least that's what I think. There shouldn't be force involved, if the users here aren't willing to help, then find another method. I feel if you wish to get more support and seriously study the language, then it is best to sign up for a proper language school. There, you'll get all the help that you need. Lang-8 is a fun platform and I really enjoy it, it helped me and brought great memories. It shouldn't be stressful and you should use it with a sincere heart.

Having used this website for years, it is a bit upsetting to say goodbye to it. I can't really find a proper reason for doing so but I guess it's slowly becoming a little toxic. With that, I will say goodbye to Lang-8 for now. I may or may not come back to update but I will continue correcting journals here if I have time. If you wish to contact me through Kakao, let me know and I'll gladly talk to you.

Till then, goodbye!