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Aug 12, 2017 15:45
My American language exchange partner has finished talking with me. She seems not to talk to me anymore, I am not sure the reason why she wanted to terminate to chat with me. It seems to me that what she is complaining was her problem, not mine, Her complaints are I speak so much that she can't talk to me in Japanese.

One of my language partner of Chinese used to talk like that, Her Japanese was not so well enough to accustomed to talking Japanese so fast and the level of Japanese was so poor, She has to improve her Japanese first, even though she complained to me about it, nothing would happen, She is the one who has to make an effort.

I think the American woman was well enough to talk an easy conversation and I am not sure that her level of listening comprehension is good. She herself thought that her listening comprehension of Japanese is pretty good. I thought she was, however, I came to know her level of Japanese listening ability was not so well like she was thinking.

In terms of her Japanese ability, inexperienced foreign language learners always expect it is only necessary to talk to foreigners can master foreign language with ease. Not only speaking to foreigners but also study the foreign language, this s common sense. They may talk to foreigners for a long time. The progress is so slow so that people can't put up with this long duration.

When they feel pressed, I know they want to complain to someone. In terms of Japanese, she may come to Patou. She has to do something to break through, not complain. Eventually, she can't make progress. To talk to a native people of the language is one of the superior methods.Stopped talking native people may be aggravating present situation or her Japanese in a state of the plateau.