Civil War: Caesar and Pompei Meet

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Nov 1, 2019 18:44
Caesar crossed with his seven legions the Mediterranean Sea, looking forward to force a decisive battle against Pompei. That was also the strategy of Pompei, whose forces surpassed Caesar's tree to two.

But Pompei not only had more men than Caesar, he was also in a stronger defensive position, in the city of Dyrrachium. Walls were built by both sides, Caesar mounted a siege that lasted months, until the inevitable conflict exploded when both parties couldn't wait any longer.

Pompei won by a large margin. Decimated, Caesar was on the run. Pompei only needed to go after him and stroke the coup de grâce... but he hesitated. He though that Caesar retreat was a trap. That gave Caesar enough room to regroup.

One month later, on the battle of Pharsalus, Caesar wiped out Pompei's army. Tables were turned, and now Pompei was on the run.