Cleopatra's Dirty Clothes [*]

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Nov 17, 2019 00:50
During a dark night in Alexandria, a boat docked into the royal port. A tall man descended from it, carrying something (some people say a carpet; others, a bag of clothes) and demanded to speak with Caesar. When the meeting was granted, he put the bag (or the carpet) on the floor, and from it emerged a woman... Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was a very smart and capable politician and strategist. She spoke seven languages, including Egyptian, something that no Pharaoh had done since Alexander's conquest. She was also the legitimate co-ruler of Egypt, defenestrated by her brother/husband. She was determined to regain the throne.

If Caesar casted the dice when he crossed the Rubicon river, this was Cleopatra's turn to do the same.

[1] In Spanish "to show the dirty clothes" is an expression that means to reveal something inconvenient. A fit expression when the enemy of your host jumps of a bag of clothes asking for your help.