Don't Carry Unnecessary Weight

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May 13, 2019 21:00
When I was in Milan, I got back home every day with change in my pockets, from things I bought during the day. Instead of keeping it in my pants and use it for the next day, I left it in my desk. So after a while, I accumulate a fair amount of coins. A friend gave me a piggy bank where I save it.

Once I left for London, I took that piggy bank with me. And after moving from house to house, I keep carrying it. It was a couple of pounds of weight that I had to carry around, making my movement harder.

Finally, one day, I decided to go to a coin machine, and exchange it for bills. I finally got rid of all those coins and earned... less than £9 (twelve dollars). All the discomfort during so many months for so little gain.

I guess there's a deep lesson to learn from this story, but this entry is about getting rid of unnecessary weight in your travels, not about deep insights about life.