Happiness Font

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Aug 13, 2019 02:56
I've just turned on my computer, and I was happily surprised. Before telling you the reason, I need to explain a couple of things. The first one, is that I use the Linux Operative System in all my personal computers. And the second one is that, although Linux is a wonderful OS, it has a couple of drawbacks, one of them is that its esthetic is not in par with, say Mac Os X.

But today, after opening a browser I noticed that one update to the system brought a new font system. Now, I'm contemplating this page amazed with the beauty of the letter that look smoother, less pixelated. I guess I don't need too much to be happy.

PS: The title of this entry doesn't work too well in English. In Spanish it would be "La fuente de la felicidad", that can be translate as "Happiness Font", but also as "The Source of Happiness".