The Marvelous Ms. Masel

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Mar 27, 2019 05:41
"The Marvelous Ms. Masel" is the latest creation of Ami Sherman-Palladino, the author of "Gilmore Girls" and "Bunheads". MMM is about a woman living in New York in the 50s that, after her husband leaves her, decides to become a Stand-up comedian. There are two things that I like about this series. One is that it seems to be a fair representation of the historical period. Heavy smoking, casual sexism, and casual racisms, are shown in the background, almost without calling the attention to them. And that's not because Sherman-Palladino condones that behaviour. It's because she has confidence in her abilities as a writer, and the intelligence of her audience to understand that recreating a situation is not the same as approving it.

The other thing that called my attention was the fact that, even though Mr. and Ms. Masel are young (they are in their mid twenties), they behave as responsible adults. They already have two kids, and are emotionally mature and financially solvent. If you compare that young couple with the protagonists of "Alone together", the contrast will make you cry. "Alone..." is about a pair of thirty-something millennial, celibate by choice, apathetic, immature and with unrealistic expectations.

Apparently, Hollywood doesn't have a lot of faith in the current new generation.
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