Eve Taking A Sunbath

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Aug 17, 2012 11:35
A song by Joaquin Sabina

Everything started when that snake brought an apple and said "Taste it". My name was Adam and surely you were named Eve.

We were squatters in an apartment in Manhattan's Lower East Side. If you haven't been there, you don't know the earthly paradise.

We took a mattress from the garbage and a table with three legs. As I worked in my music, you fried French fries. We planted some Cannabis seeds and only one grew in front of our windows, giving us a beautiful little tree of the knowledge of good and bad.

Eva liked to be tanned and took a sunbath every evening. Nobody has seen a mermaid so naked in a New York's balcony. Soon there was a husband in each window when my girl started her show. It didn't matter if that was the day of Super Bowl.

One day the snake of envy discovered her husband with binoculars and after threatening him with divorce, she called nine-one-one. And since we didn't have a surname, a fig leaf or an councillor uncle, or other good than Cupid, there wasn't use in protesting it.

A judge who thought he was God ordered our eviction. There's no vacancy for two intruders at the paradise. We were naked on the mattress, playing our favourite game when the officials broke in. An angel disguised as a cop hit Eve as he took her down stairs. He didn't give a damn that she was pregnant of Cain.

Currently Eve sells original sin's apples on a market on 15th street as I sing my songs in Prospect Park. Everybody calls me Adam.