Civil War: Caesar and Pompei Meet Again... Sort of

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Nov 4, 2019 17:45
After being defeated in Greece, Pompey left for Egypt, in the hope of gaining the support of that kingdom for his fight against the rebels. With a little bit of luck, he could raise an army in Egypt, or go from there to the neighbor kingdoms for support.

Caesar followed Pompey immediately to Alexandria. Now, with the numeric advantage on his side, Caesar was hoping for a reconciliation. Pompey could be a formidable ally if he was willing to accept Caesar as his commander.

When Caesar landed in Alexandria, he was received by the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolomy, who brought Pompey with him. Let me rephrase that, Ptolomy brought Pompey's head in a basket.

Caesar wept. The man who committed genocide in Germany was disturbed by the image of his friend's severed head . You have to draw the line somewhere, I guess.