Wereman in Paris

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Jul 18, 2012 02:29
Wereman in Paris
By La Unión
(Note: In Spanish the word 'werewolf' is translated as 'man wolf'. The song title is 'Wolf man in Paris', that's why I choose 'Wereman' as a translation).

The night dies and it dawns in Paris
the day everything happened.
Like in a endless, crazy dream,
today the fortune has laughed at you, ha, ha.

The wolf was surprised spying
and when it tried to escape howling
it was bitten by the Siam's Sorcerer.

The full moon over Paris
has transformed into a man to Dennis.

He walked around the bars in the boulevard
and he has stayed in a dirty hostel.

While he was dinning,
a young woman sat besides him
and soon they went to watch
the full moon over Paris.
She charged him a few Francs.

Auuu, Wereman in Paris.
Its name is Dennis.

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