The Postmodern Singer

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Jul 13, 2012 08:29
A song by Virulo
(Warning: this is a satirical and politically incorrect song. Please, read it in the spirit of Jonathan Swiff's "A Modest Proposal...")

When the atom fail us and this world explode
When those motherf*****s push the buttons
And throw their missiles any which way,
I'll be here blowing my nose.

If radiations pass through the ozone hole,
Leaving us all bold
And panic in earth breaks outs,
I'll be here, cleaning my feet.

This world is so crazy, why should I leave my cave?
For some Africans that don't want to go shopping to the mall
If Bangladesh children refuse to eat,
What can I do?

When they pollute the oceans
And kill all whales, dolphins and mermaids
And the sea be a giant garbage dump
I'll be here, scratching my eggs.

And when we don't know what we're breathing
And instead of food, we eat oil
And everyone die of suffocation
I'll be still here, farting all day.

This world is so crazy, why should I leave my cave
For some crazy Serbians than kill each other
So far away from us that I really don't care
If Bangladesh children refuse to eat,
Call the Sandman.

And when in the future they'll ask us what did we do?
How could we possibly fuck it all?
Well, don't you give that
I didn't do anything.
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