A Vampire Redemption

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Jul 8, 2012 11:07
By Les Luthiers

George: Be careful, remember that the Count is a vampire.

Charles: The villagers say he only lives to make evil things.

Daniel: The villagers say he's living here for hundreds of years; someone even said, centuries.

The Count: Welcome to my castle. In your letter you said you want to know it. That's very unusual. You also said you were musicians. Are you musicians?

All: Yes.

Count: Which group?

All: Les Luthiers

Count: No, which blood group? Let me see.. you are A positive. And you, congratulation for your generosity, young man,you're universal donor. And you... harvest 62, excellent year.

Count: I can see you're good musicians, you got music in the blood, ah ah ah.

(Seeing the count laughing, everybody start to laugh)

Count: Anyhow, it must be a pleasure to you to be in contact with someone with blue blood, ah ah ah.

(Everybody laughs with the count).

Count: Your company will make me good. My wife died recently and...

Daniel: Ah ah ah.. eh, ops!

Count: Since you're musicians, I want to hear a beautiful Transylvania song. Do you KNOW ANYONE?

All: Yes... yes..

And then they start to play a Cumbia:

Since I'm without you
is like an eternal rain
I want you to come back with me
so the sun could shine again.

The despair keeps me awake
and I'm falling apart
Your love is like an stake
stuck deep in my heart

Count: Stop, stop!!!
Daniel: Why, now comes the garlic's stanza...
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