Things Poor People Buy, a.k.a. Another Christmas Miracle

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Dec 25, 2015 22:07
Some time ago, someone posted the following question in a forum, "Which things poor people buy and rich people don't?" He was expecting to hear about the difference in preferences due to income, but instead, he got a series of sad stories about poverty and deprivation.

One woman commented that, when she was a girl, her mother call her and her brothers on Christmas eve to receive their presents. The mother told them to go to the kitchen and come back with their eyes closed, which was very hard for little kids. Then, she made them walk with their legs tied to each other, talk with water in their mouth, and try to listen with their finger in their ears. The kids were laughing all the time, enjoying the game.

Finally, the mother told them what the present was, to enjoy able bodies. Being able to see, hear, talk and move. Can you imagined the despair of that poor mother, trying to do the best for their kids, feeling forced to buy them presents just to follow social conventions?

Fortunately, the woman who told the story remembered that Christmas as one of the happiest in her life.