The Siege of Alexandria (Final Part)

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Feb 11, 2020 06:43
Caesar escaped the failed attempt to take the island of Pharos, leaving him in a dire situation. His error cost him twenty percent of his men. The siege of Alexandria was in its fifth month, and the latest debacle had left the Romans without options.

Then, a good news arrived by the hand of a messenger. During the firsts days of the siege, Caesar sent emissaries to his allied asking for help, and finally the answer had arrived. Mithridates of Pergamon had come to Caesar's help, and an army of 18,000 soldiers had just entered Egypt.

Caesar took a big chuck of his remaining troops, leaving just a small garrison at the palace, and sailed to the East, to meet Mithridates. Ptolemy and his army went after him.

The siege of Alexandria had ended, and the battle of the Nile was about to happen.