Caesar in Egypt

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Nov 10, 2019 17:52
Pompey was out of the picture, but Caesar's problems weren't over. Some senators that followed Pompey to Greece escaped to the African provinces are took some territories. Some of the Roman allies in the East saw the civil war as an opportunity to regain independence. Caesar's forces were split in two continents. And of course, there was the problem with Ptolomy.

Egypt was in a turmoil at that point, entangled in a succession war between Ptolomy and his sister/wife Cleopatra. Ptolomy had took the control of the region but, according to the last wish of Ptolomy's father (also called Ptolomy), the head of the Roman Empire was the executor of the Pharaoh wish that the kingdom should be shared between the royal siblings/couple.

To say that Caesar's presence in Egypt at that time was an inconvenience for Ptolomy is a huge understatement.