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Jul 13, 2012 00:58
Today my older brother suddenly chatted with me on the Internet. I felt overwhelmed by this unexpected favor. Because he is so busy and rarely talk with me. Some times he came to Beijing, but he even didn't tell me. Obviously, he likes me far more less (much less?) than I liking him. It is the truth since we were very young. When we were kids, I always followed him, and I even stole meat from the kitchen for him. One day he asked me: who will you marry when you grow up? I said: You. He seemed totally didn't care. My answer didn't worth a single glance to him. But I was serious. Anyhow, talked with him made me happy.

Not worth a single glance: 不屑一顾

Bu2 Xie4 Yi2 Gu4

"不" only has the forth intonation, but it needs to be changed into the second intonation when the word after it also is the forth intonation. So does "一".