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Hi! I'm Kita from Beijing, China. Mandarin is my native language. It's my pleasure to help you learn Chinese.

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I will go to see the sunflowers With native lang

Tomorrow I will go to see the sunflowers. ^^
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Jul 13, 2012 17:54

The Mud Football Game With native lang

Have you ever seen the mud football game? Have you ever participate in this activity? Yesterday afternoon there is a mud football gam...
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Jul 13, 2012 12:25

My Brother With native lang

Today my older brother suddenly chatted with me on the Internet. I felt overwhelmed by this unexpected favor. Because he is so busy and r...
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Jul 13, 2012 00:58

Overwhelmed By an Unexpected Favor With native lang

I have a cold, so often have a cough. Last night, I suddenly began to cough and it lasted for a few minutes. My roommate suggested me dri...
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Jul 12, 2012 08:50

Gloat Over Misfortune With native lang

Gloat Over Misfortune The lights in our lab are flickering. They light up awhile, go out awhile. The repair personnels said that it is...
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Jul 11, 2012 18:33
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All Skype users, let's chat! You can't learn a language without actually speaking it. ...



Let's study English& Chinse each other !



We love Beijing
Welcome all the people who live in Beijing or people intend to improve mandarin.Lets share intres...

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Testimonials from My Friends

I tried to write here something about Kita so many times, but couldn't, being unable to find the right words... Because, she is an extremely intelligent young lady, but not just that alone... She is a very supportive friend, but not just that, as well... She loves to travel and is kind at learning new languages, but at many occasions she can also surprise you with a very unusual choice of words, thus adding a lot of fun to your communication with her... She is such a friendly and understanding person and has a special ability of somehow turning a simple conversation with her into pure happiness... Now, saying GOODBYE to you, I don't want to change anything that I've written before into a past tense because you didn't want to leave us ever. Farewell, Kita, you will be missed greatly... You'll be always remembered as our lively, lovely, caring and fun-loving dear friend...
Kita was a lovely, lively and friendly young woman who was a good and diligent student. It was a pleasure to spend a day with her in February 2013. Sadly, despite her heartwarmingly positive attitude and determination to get well, she lost her 2½ year battle with cancer and died on 25 July 2016, (information directly from her father on 27 July 2016). =( Kita是2016年7月25日因为癌症而出世的。:(
Kita酱晚安啦,我们永远记得你。^___^希望你永远快乐开开心心地做个好梦。Good night, kita.
Kita was my friend since I started using lang8. And I found her passed away today. It was so hard for me to believe. I don't know what I should say. She was an energetic, positive, and interesting person. We shared a lot of common lang8 friends. We commented on each other's post. I even found that we played the same game today--Hay Day. Rest in peace, Kita. 14/12/2016
R.I.P Kita. You once said that you would like to be a tree, see the sunrise and sunset every day, feel the sun and the rain, quietly look on the world and its people. Blooming in spring for people; bringing pleasant shade for people in summer; fruiting in autumn to nourish people. If there is an afterlife, I wish you could be this lovely tree. Your brilliant smile and optimistic attitude will always be on my mind. Your enthusiasm of for learning always infected me. It's hard to believe you've left the world, but we'll never forget you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kita and I have known each other for several months. I've known a lot about her, a lovely Kita, an optimistic Kita, a beautiful Kita, a cute Kita and a hard working Kita. Her efforts in English are visible. I admire her that she almost writes every day, not just one entry but more than one entry, and those of them were interesting. Also, she has many friends here. Everyone loves Kita, so do I! Yes, we all know she is a really nice girl. Kita, I'll never forget our deals. ~\(≧▽≦)/~