My Friend Whom I Admire     尊敬する友人

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Mar 4, 2017 11:14
My husband and his co-workers will be having a client dinner next week at his company's expense.

There is a woman in the client, and she was my former co-worker, and I'll call her "Hanako" in this entry.

Around 25 years ago, in my company, a man and a woman paired, and a women was requried to be an attentive assistant.

If the pair has bad chemistry, they are not able to work efficiently, so the meeting took place reguraly for chaning partners.

Hanako was considered the most unfavorable partner for men, because she worked at her pace, and she was stubborn about a certain thing.

In my company, women should have played a role as a conservative wife: usually modest,or figuring out what men's thinkings.

Hanako didn't meet the requirements.

At that time, everybody wouldn't expect that Hanako has become a career woman who are experienced, indipendent, and has enough skills.

Hanako left the conservative company,and entered a foreign company.

She went to a school to polish her Enlgish while looking after her mother who has a dimentia.

My husband acclaimed her straight to the point conversations.

When he told me that he had a plan to treat Hanako's company for dinner, I recommended going to a fancy restaurant, not a Japanese pub for middle-aged men.

The reason is that she is the only woman in the group, in addition, there are very few occasions that she is able to dine at night, as she has to put her mother in a nursing home overnight.