The US Presidential Election アメリカの大統領選挙

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Nov 7, 2016 16:31
It seems to me that Ms Clinton and Mr Trump are keen on getting in their way, and I don't understand what exactly they want to do if they become president.

Since Ms Clinton is familiar in Japan, we know she is experienced, and intelligent, but some American go against her thoughts.

I've learned that a term, misogynist, a person who doesn't like women.

In Europe, as we can see the UK, and Germany, women seemd to be accepted by the society.

Mr Trump is not familiar to Japanese people, although we know the Trump tower.

Even though he has no class, Japanese people are curious about why some Americans are attracted to him.

It must be challeging to unite the multiracial country, and it is impossible that every US citizen feel a sense of equality.

People all over the world pay attention to who will be the next president.