Lunch and Tea in Ginza 銀座でランチとお茶

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Feb 4, 2018 13:02
The title might be appealing to you.

Ginza is one of the famours tourist spots: high-end restaurants and shops line beatifully each sides.

Yet, my lunch and tea with my husband wasn't what we had expected.

We were planning to a sushi restaurant, but it wasn't opened, so we went to another sushi restaurant.

We were kept waiting outside for fourty minutes, most customers were tourists from Asian counties.

The sushi was served thirty minutes after we ordered, but the ingredients were already dried.

Not only that, a young couple next to us were sunuffling all the time, which bothered us.

We entered a chain coffee shop withought checking the price.

When we opened the nemu, we were surprised at the price, which was four times as much as coffee that we usually drink.

We thought the price was reasonable as the coffee shop has many branches, but we realized the shop we went has a special price because of the expensive location, Ginza.

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