Getting in Trouble    トラブルに巻き込まれる

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Mar 27, 2016 22:24
I rented out my apartment while I was in Holland.

My tenant had moved out before I leave Holland.

I went to see how my room was like yesterday, then I was shocked to see how damaged it was.

The room was too dirty to live.

In Eastern part of Japan, when we rent apartments, we usually pay a month or two months worth of renting in advance as a security to the owner.

When we move out, cleaning fees and damages which cause by the tenat are deducted from the security money, and owners should return the rest of amount to the tenants.引っ越す際は、クリーニング料と借りた側が起こしたダメージが保証金から引かれて、残りの額が家主から借りた人に返される。

However, if the walsl and carpets were used for six years before renting out, the tenants don't need to recover the damage, because it is thought as age deterioration.

My apartment is the case, but the tenant demaged our walls and carpets way beyond, so I don't want to return the security, or rather, I want to charge them the renovation fee.

What is worse is that the real estate agent which serves as a mediator is not capable.

Since my husband is still in Holland, I have to confront any issues alone.

I realized males are dominat in this sector, so it is very challenging to negociate for women.