Usage of Bar-code バーコードの使い方

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Feb 23, 2018 21:29
I worked at an event related to high-tech industry as a temporary employee.

My job was very simple: scanning visitors' bar-code in the holder that hanged from their neck.

Whenever they went, stopping by booths, attending sessions, recieveing samples from promotional models, their bar-code was sccaned.

The organizer of the event will collect the data to find out what kind of people who were interested in a certain product.

Then, they will give information to the sponcers, like tech companies.

The companies can analyze the data to develop their products that can meet customer's demand.

The visitor's behavior was monitered through being scanned.

For me, when it comes to bar-code, it is commonly used at supermarkets, but I've learned that there are many ways to taking advantage of it.

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