A Unique Restaurant in Amterdam アムステルダムのユニークなレストラン

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Mar 6, 2017 18:27
There is a restaurant which serves dishes using food waste in Amsterdam.

They purchase ingredients by distributers or supermarkets, such as vegetables which are supposed to be thrown away.

These vegetables are not allowed to place the shelves, because they are not attractive to consumers, even though deformed vegetables are safe, and the taste are same as the normal ones.

The restaurant was set up by young people who worked part time at a supermarket, they was shocked to see some foods discarding because of aesthetic reasons.

The restaurant was opened, it was a big news, because it meets the demand of the Dutch who are conscious about ecology.

I think this attempt will raise awareness of the environment and limited resources.

Moreover, it encourages children to be interested in cooking, since making over rejected vegetables into excellent dishes requires imagination and creativity.
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