My Mother Got Almost Scammed 母はあやうく騙されそうになった

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Apr 20, 2017 21:57
In Japan, a fraud using telephone calls has been a social issue for more than ten years.

Most victims are elderly people who are living alone, or elderly couple whose children are living away from them.

The cheaters call the elderlys' home pretending as their children, and asking for money.

Even though the media have warned the elderly against scamming, the way of cheating has been artiful, so the number of victims hasn't been decreacing.

Today, my mother told me that she was almost tricked by a polite man who called her, and asked her to transfer money.

I'm very worried, because my mother is getting weaker physically and mentally.

She was confident about her memory, but recently she has become forgetfull, and her ability to understand is deteriorating.