My Tooth's Crown Came Off       歯の被せ物がとれた

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Oct 11, 2013 17:21
Despite of a 40-minute drive journey from the centre of Amsterdam, the Japanese restraunt is always crowded since the Japanese chef and staff make a wonderful atmosphere.

I was delighted as I found 'iburigakko' -smoked pickled radish'- in the menu.

Although the price is high, 6 pieces for 4.5 euros, I ordered.

The pickle is locally food in northeast part of Japan, due to the distinctive taste ( blending smoked flavour and sweet and sour picked flavour), which is loved by some people and hated by others.

As owner's hometown is there, the pickle is listed on the menu.

I popped it into my mouth, enjoyed the texture and flavor, at the same time, I chewed something hard, then took it out from my mouth.

It was my crown that had attached log time ago in Japan, cost much money.

The following day when I went to a dentist here (the Netherlands), who told me that the crown was chipped and couldn't use any more.

I'm wondering if I should make new one or not.

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