A Mishap ちょっとした災難

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Nov 9, 2013 08:02
I tried to withdraw money from the ATM.

I inserted my bank card, entered my PIN and amount, then waited when the money came out.

Suddenly, the screen said that my transaction finished even though my money didn't come out.

Although I almost panicked, a lady who was behind me told that I 'd better to call the bank, which number was was labeled on the machine.

Eventually, I could confirm that the bank didn't deduct the amount from my bank account, but it seems that this kind of things happen a lot in the Netherlands.

When my Japanese acquaintance tried to deposit some money through the AMT, the transaction finished halfway-through and the lid of machine didn't open.

It took her two weeks to be taken back her money after getting through many complicate procedures. She was really mad.

As Japanese take being treated politely as customer at a bank for granted, we are sometimes confused here.