Japanese Language Skill Is Proportional to English Language Skill  日本語の能力と英語の能力は比例する

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Apr 29, 2015 05:05
My Japanese friend,whose English is better than me,said that the number of vocabulary of our mother tongue is proportional to that of English.

If you know a large amount of Japanese vocabulary and you are knowledgeable about usage of expressions, your English is likely to be improved.

Therefore, she tries to read not only English books, but also Japanese books.

She also told me a very interesting her experience.

She was worried that she might forget English when she came back to Japan, and she didn't use English for a month. However, her English wasn't rusty because she used more Japanese in Japan than in the Netherlands.

Japanese wives in the Netherlands sometimes stay at home all day and don't talk to anyone even in Japanese when their husbands go on business trips. (Not in my case,though)

She points out that worsens our language skill.

Her explanations are really convincing.