Japanese People Are Not Ambitious 日本人は野心がない

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Sep 1, 2019 10:14
According to a survey, Japanese people are not interested in career success.

The survey was conducted in Australia and other Asian countries, and people were asked to show their ambition through a scale from one to five.

Thais were most ambitious, average 4.7 points, next was Filipinos, 4.6 points.

Japanese were 3 points, which was the least ambitious.

The respondens were also asked if they are taking any lessons after work to improve their skills, ambitious people are studying for certifications, which helps promotion.

On the other hand, only 50% of Japanese people think that brushing up their skills is important.

The reserch company says that Japanese people don't think that higher wages and gaining power are necessary when the economy is growing slow.

In my opinion, young people more value their private life than working in a company.

Also, what makes people feel happy varies as time passes.

In the past, getting promotion leads a people's ideal life: pay raise, a new car, a new house, good education for children and fulfiling retirement.

However, that life is not appeal to young people and they know only promotion doesn't guarantee their life.

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