British And Dentists             イギリス人と歯科

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Jun 14, 2015 17:46
The BBC program shows that the relationship between British and dentists.

It is said that fewer British care of their teeth than American.

The movie, "Austin Powers" represents of bad teeth of British.

I was surprised that some British are too afraid to go to dentists, because of their traumatic experience , or negative image of dentists, such as sounds of gliding teeth and strong light.

In order to get used to going to the atmosphere, a mother took her infant to a dentist.

I think it is a good practice because if children are used to going to dentists in their early age, they wouldn't be afraid of it. In addition, it would be a preventive care.

The program puts experiment on volunteers that they use some whitening toothpastes or related items sold at drug stores, but nothing effects have found, since little chemicals are used compared to the products for professionals.

I have had a bad teeth arrangement and weak teeth since I was young, it might be hereditary, and most parents didn't have an awareness of oral health care in the past.