Annoying Guests 困った客

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May 13, 2019 16:43
I dealt with guests who complained about the operation of a sports event.

The two young women had non-reserved seat tickets, but they were sitting on reserved seats because they said they couldn't find any non-reserved seats next each other.

All non-reserved seats were occupied because bags and clothes were placed.

They compained about it because it was not acceptable that people secure seats even though they don't watch the game.

However, guests are allowed to re-entry, so most of them with non-reserved seat tickets get seats with putting on their belongings and go out the venue until late in the afternoon.

I said to young women that it is customary and I can't change the rule.

Usually, if this thing happens, most people will understand and take seats separately.

I wanted to say if the women want to sit next each other, they should come earlier or book the seats with more money.

I've been wondering what I should have said to them.
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