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Mar 24, 2013 20:56
One day I was invited one of my Japanese acquaintances house.

She was planning holding a Japanese food party, and asked me to teach some non-Japanese guest how to make roll sushi.

Actually I ended up becoming a sushi teacher at the party and, brought all ingredients and some materials such as wooden cutting board and some rolling mats.(for my expenses)

Guests seemed to think that she was an only organizer and really thanked to her.

I felt uneasy at first because as if I was hired as a volunteer teacher even though I don't know her well.

However I performed as a supporter who warmed up the party, and took a lot of picture for them.

I realized that I have become old since if I were a bit young, I would feel uncomfortable and get back home in the middle of the party.

I'm pound of my generosity.

Getting old isn't all bad things.
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