How the Internet has negative effect on us? インターネットは我々にどれだけマイナスか

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Nov 25, 2013 04:36

In order to improve my listening comprehension, I'm listening above site again and again, but still don't understand what they say.
I'd be appreciated it if you would listen it and correct my sentences.

Two women, a historian and the BBC reporter, are talking about how the Internet has negative effect on us.

First of all, the historian says that when we look into what happened in the past, she recommends using books as they are reliable and there are key questions, so that we can discuss or argue the issues.

On the website, there are a huge amount of information about history, but she points out that we can't detect which kind of bases they use. (No one knows where does the information come from?)

Secondly, the BBC reporter says that as to the Internet, how we interpret information is the most important things, while book is just likely to be wrong.(I don't understand the meaning.)
次に、リポーターがネットについては情報についてどう解釈するかが大切で, 一方本はそれが間違いかどうかだ(この意味がわかりません)

She also says there is a possibility that the information on the Internet give us a wrong one, but the goes for books.
Thus, every information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

When it comes to the memory, if we get new information on TV, we don't need to remember everything because we can check it on the Internet.

In the past, our generation could be passed information by our parents, however, our children can get information by the Internet, which means we are getting not to use our

Lastly, the broadcaster suggests the difference between the wisdom and the information. He says those things required to the different skills since the wisdom is the context which how things you can find out link to other things, on the other hand, the information is the thing which just typing the keyboard.

The conclusion is, when you want to master or study subjects, it takes a long time and complicated process. Therefore you can't reach it easily. In another word, if you do so, it will linger your memory.

However, the information, which you can get easily and instantly on the Internet, is just short term of memory.

In my view, the experts would like to raise awareness that the Internet could damage our memory if we rely on too much.