One of the Human Tendencies         人間の傾向のひとつ

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Feb 20, 2017 08:39
Have you ever experienced that when good things happened to you, you were over the moon at the time, but gradually, you geotused to the happiness, in the end, you didn't feel excitement anymore?

In my case, when my contract in part time job was finished, I was happy, as I didn't like the job, but that feeling didn't last long, because I've soon got used to full time homemaker's life.

One day, I watched the educational video that the human tend to return to the same level of happiness after something good things happnen.

That tendency applies when bad things happen, which reminded me of the time when I had an operation.

After the operation, my body was connected to some tubes; delivering pain killer, IV, and releasing urine.

I couldn't walk, eat, and excrete for a while, so I was frustrated.

However, I felt really happy when I was able to go to a bathroom, and drink water.

I could say that is the happiest moment that I have felt.

I guarantee if something bad happens, we will find happiness, although it may be lower than the original happy baseline.