Arashi, a Japanese Boy Band 嵐、日本の若い男の子のバンド

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Jan 29, 2019 13:58
Arashi is a boy band which was established 20 years ago.

There are 5 members, and each is active in various fields.

While I was watching NHK, a national publlic broadcasting two days ago, the breaking news popped up on the top of screen with an alarm.
NHK, 国営放送を2日前に見ていたら、警報とともにニュース速報が画面の上に現れた。

I was scared because something bad happened somewhere in Japan.

However, the news said that Arashi would take a break from at the end of 2020.

Was that worth airing as a breaking news by the state-run broadcasting?

However, the aftershock of the news was more than I had thought.

It is said that their hiatus will have negative economic effects.
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