Millennials ミレニアルズ

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Oct 6, 2016 15:38
I read an article that Millennial workers, young adults who are under 35 years, demanded paid leave to the government in the US.

It is reasonable, since more women have become a necessary workforce, so they have a voice in improving their status, such as paid maternity leave.

However, that reminded me a 28 year old Japanese woman whom I met in Holland.

She was a deligent student at an English school: she asked lots of questions in a class, gave opinions spontaneously. When she wasn't satisfied with lessons, she went to the school office, and complained about a teachers.

Millennials are assertive.

She worked volunteer at a food bank, sharing how she contributed to it on Facebook.

Researchers say that Millennials tend to buy more chocolate bars labeled "fair trade" or "organic" than ordinary ones, even though they are expensive.

Millennials are conscious about eco-friendly, and social acitivity.

Joining social media is a part of her life: she updated Facebook saying how she had a fulfilling life, and she didn't miss any oppotunities which are likely bring benefits to her.

Millennials are tech-savvy, and some of them like to expose themselves to socail media.

It is a great relief that I'm not a Mellennisal.

I'm modest, choose cheap chocolate bars without reading labels, hate socail media, and not interested in how others see me.