I Was Nervous at an Office 会社で緊張した

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Feb 7, 2017 09:44
I will be working part time at an office only for three days,(not daily) and yesterday was the first day.

I haven't done a clerical work for a long time, so I was very nervous.

My assignments are answering phones from clients, checking the Excel to find out who is in charge the projects, and putting them through to the workers.

It sounds easy, but there are about 50 workers in my department, and I haven't put their names to their faces.

Moreover, since I'm sitting behind them, whenever I look for someone, I have to turn around.

There are white boards show who is on the business trip, or who is in the meetings, but the boards are placed away from my desk.

To my surprise, when I put through to someone, I'm not allowed to holler his name, such as "Mr. ---, a call for you on line one.", instead, I have to walk to someone's desk, and tell him about it.

I was confident in using complicated Japanese honorific languages, but I was so tense that I stuttered many times.

I realized that a long employment gap has a huge disadvantage.
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