I took chiropractic treatment (physical therapy treatment) 整体へ行った

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May 30, 2013 06:41
I went to a chiropractic clinic to be checked my backache.

I've been troubled my backache for a long time because of my bad posture,and always holding my bag in left arm.

It seems my body is tilted to one side.

There are lots of chiropractic clinics in Holland, which is called 'fysiotherapie' in Dutch.

It was a bit embarrassing when the chiropractor(man) asked me to pull down my underpants to check my spine.

I lay on my back and placed my arms and legs in a right position which he ordered.

When he shifted his weight on my body, I heard the sound like my spine was unlocked.(I would say clicking?)
先生が私に体重をかけた時に、私の背骨が外れたような音がした。(「カチッ」=clicking と言っていいの?)

I was surprised because he pushed or stretch my body without saying any cue such as one, two, three.

After that I became much easier to bend over even though I felt resisting with my back.

He suggested that I should be conscious about straighten my posure imaginating as if invisible string is pulled my body.

I am going to there twice a week as it required a concentrating treatment in a short period.