People I Saw in Amsterdam アムステルダムで出会った人々

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Apr 25, 2014 16:52
I saw two American tourists who got my attention.

An elderly woman was in a chain coffee house.

She asked a shopkeeper whether she could use the us dollars.

I was turned off as this is the center of Amsterdam.

When the shopkeeper turned down, she didn't seem uneasy at all. On the contrary, she said, 'OK, but I'm not sure about the euro, so take it on your own from these notes.' She showed the thick envelope in which the euro were. The shopkeeper looked cranky but took out 5 euros note.

When the shopkeeper started brewing coffee, the woman said loudly, 'Wait! I want to put sugar before pouring coffee! Which is low-cal sugar???'

She tore the low-cal pack and put them into the large cup with fumbling hands. She looked in her late 70's.

A middle aged woman sat next to me in the tram. She asked me where she could get off to get the famous park. After I showed the direction, she started talking about her sons and her father, her mother-in-low and grumbled about her husband. Within five minutes or so, I knew her personal details.

How bold and chatty they are! However, if I acted like them, my English might be more improved.
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