On a Train 電車の中で

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Aug 6, 2017 21:47
These practice might be interesting for foreigners.

1. Some trains in Tokyo have carriages for women's only during peak hours in order of protecting women from gropers.

I saw a man who rushed into the carriage without knowing it, then one woman told him to get off sharply.

2. On trains, I realized that 90% of people put their heads down to use their smartphones.

When I sneek a peek at what they are looking at, most of them are playing games, or typing on SMS.

3. There are some advertisements hanging from the carriage's ceilings.

The ads are from a variety of companies. For example, magazine companies showing latest gossips, or English schools caption "What if your boss would be a foreigner from tomorrow?"

During the summer, I noticed lots of ads of antiperspirant, which makes me check my armpit advertently if there is a sweak mark.
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